Been thinking about the process of healing lately and I was reminded of Felicity breaking her collarbone 5 years ago. She told me she fell out of bed, but she seemed ok — just a little sore. When I finally took a look at her shoulder, later that afternoon, it was black and blue. Her break was clean and very painful for her. She was brave, but needed to be seen by a doctor. About twenty days after that, she took her sling off and resumed her daily, sling-less life. The doctor assured me that Felicity’s collar bone, once broken, was now stronger than before.

When you and I choose to begin the process of healing.

Imagine if Felicity had just toughed it out and ignored the pain — said, “I’ll be OK. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Well, she wouldn’t have been fine and the pain would have become worse.

All of the hugs I could provide could not replace Felicity’s need for an X-ray, a sling, some children’s ibuprofen, and a plan (that we followed) for physical healing from the doctor.

Felicity’s healing time would have been even longer if I had her ignore the reality of her injury and start gymnastics. Pretending something didn’t happen doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The only pictures of Felicity’s injury are on an X-ray. They are not hanging in her room. The topic of her injury comes up every once in a while, but never to fear her into moving forward and bravely taking on the next adventure. When Felicity was ready to take off her sling, I showed her that I loved her by putting the sling away and encouraging her bravery & strength.

10 year old Felicity doesn’t need to wear the sling or still talk about breaking her collarbone for me to believe it happened, or that she won’t forget. I know that she has healed from that experience because the X-ray showed that her collarbone was/is stronger than it was before.

And that is exactly what I am witnessing in her healing process from an even deeper injury. A beautiful young lady, whose life will without question be stronger than it was before.

“For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal,
declares the Lord.” — Jeremiah 30:17

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