Taking It Easy


I am preempting my regularly scheduled blog post to share that I am resting, following what appears to be a successful hernia eviction. Back in May, of this year, I began feeling a slight pain on my right side when I was going up and down the stairs.  What I thought to be a pulled muscle (I had started exercising around the same time) eventually became more persistent.  It took the gentle nudge of my girlfriend at the time (now my fiancee) for me to schedule an appointment with a doctor and have my “pulled muscle” examined.  Joy was pretty sure that my pulled muscle was in fact a hernia.  And, within five minutes of my examination, the doctor let me know I had a hernia and that I would be wise to listen to the advice from my girlfriend 🙂

So…this past Friday morning, I checked in for outpatient surgery and by 10AM, I was in the recovery room, without my hernia.  Joy has taken such AMAZING care of everything!

I am so very thankful to be on this side of my procedure and that I am on my way to full recovery in the days and weeks ahead.  I am so blessed to love and be loved by such an incredible lady.

Have an amazing week, Friends!


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