On Your Tippy-Toes

My Dad is the tall sailor standing on the left.

Hi Friends!  Hope you have had an EXCELLENT week!  Today is Veteran’s Day and I am so privileged to have many in my family who have or who are currently serving in our country’s armed forces.  Growing up, my dad (a navy veteran) was gone, out to sea, for long periods of time.  I didn’t understand, then, why my dad was away so much; why he missed important events; why I had to hurt taking him to the boat and wake up way too early or stay up way too late to see him return?  Now, I beam with pride about his selfless love and service for our country.  He IS still my hero!  Thank you to those, who are reading this, who have given up so much for the defense of our country.  And thank you to the spouses and families who also made sacrifices in support of their loved ones.  We say a humble “thank you”!

As we get closer to wrapping up 2018, many of us will be thinking ahead to how we hope 2019 will unfold.  Sometimes, we are setting “safe” goals — below the bar goals, we know we can reach, with very little effort, because we just need a win and failure is scary.  Other times, we are setting goals that aren’t even close to attainable, because we have no clue of what we really want, or what we do know we want is scary, or because we have something to prove — to ourselves or someone we hope to validate our presence.  Today, I have a different thought on this…

What if you and I set goals that made us stand on our tippy-toes?  Goals we actually tippytoeswanted, ones that we could see, and reach out and touch….attain if we stretch ourselves just a little more each day?  What if, instead of viewing those goals as “things” we wanted to add to our trophy case, our 2019 goals were about growing our physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions?  In this way, we could celebrate our growth, as opposed to beating ourselves up in December of next year when we didn’t measure up against unrealistic expectations. 

2019 can be very different for each of us and the truth is it begins right now — in our mindset.  Last year, I decided that rather than make a list of things I WOULD get to (the next day…ok…several days after that), I would just set myself a timer, turn on Pandora and get it done right then and there.  “Get it done NOW!” became my mantra.  And what a difference it has made.  Do I always follow-through?  Of course not!  But I do try each day to follow-through.  When I think about the person I was a year ago compared to where I am today, I am quite pleased with my growth.  Do I still I have a long way to go?  Most definitely! I am already thinking ahead about those tippy-toe goals for next year – ways to stretch myself and become an even more intentional person.  

Hoping you’ll take some time this week to jot down some thoughts about who you’d like to be and the impact you hope to make in the coming year.  The moment you have the thought of “Wow!  I would love to, but…” Friend, that is probably the tippy-toe goal you need to pursue.  Set the goal, give yourself space to pursue it, don’t slack off simply because you are being “human”, and watch an amazing transformation take place from within your life, that I will guarantee will make an impact in the lives of those around you.  

Have a GREAT one, Friends! 

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