November 9

Election Eve 2018. I shared this post two years ago. The sentiments are still true before and after Election Day. Best to you as you exercise your right to voice your values. Our vote tomorrow…and how we speak and live thereafter, will impact others far beyond what we share here on social media.

Four years ago, I joined many others in sharing my thoughts on who should and should not sit in the Oval Office. My comments were intentionally sarcastic, with the sole purpose of making sure those who read it knew they were wrong and misinformed and that I was right. Passion, often described like a “fire”, is a wonderful thing when the end goal reaches far beyond the moment and when the passionate person realizes there are several “tomorrows”, once the moment has faded.

I look back at those posts – the times I shared carefully selected clips – the moments when I jumped on Facebook to comment, as if the world waited with bated breath to hear what I thought about the words and actions of Gov. Romney and President Obama. I look back and I shake my head in disappointment at myself. Not because of my “passion” or because…

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