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Photo Sep 30, 3 28 50 PM

Hey Friends!  Today, I had the privilege of serving in kids ministry, at my church.  As I was looking over what we would be discussing, I saw that the “Big Idea” for this week was, “Find Ways to Celebrate What God is Doing!”  What a great reminder when our normal go-to response is focusing on all that we need to get done, and/or being frustrated about all that we didn’t get accomplished this week.

Rather than angrily crossing items out in our planners and drawing resentful errors to the next page, we can choose to focus on all that was accomplished and the areas in our lives in which we grew. When we find ways to celebrate all that God IS doing, we are not ignoring the legitimate pain and hurts from the week.  We are also not hiding areas of our life that do need addressed – bad habits, procrastination, fear, and breakdowns in relationships, for example.  Instead, as you and I set aside moments in our day and throughout our week to celebrate God’s work in and through our lives, we are choosing to celebrate His faithfulness; His unconditional love and His eternal promise that not one moment is wasted.  He is using everything for His ultimate good in our lives! (Romans 8:28).

A few times this week, I have done just that – thought about this journey I continue to travel.  Even with all the twists and turns, the crushing lows and the overwhelming mountaintops, I choose to celebrate all that God has done, IS doing, and WILL do in the days ahead.  Let’s choose to make that celebration a part of our daily routine, shall we?

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