The “What Next?” – Part 1

Hey there, Friends! We returned home a few hours ago from a short trip to visit family in Ohio.  It was excellent!  On the drive home, I began to think about what I would share with you through today’s blog.  Last week’s entry, focused on the truth that many of us have hidden treasures that remain that way because we are either too wounded or scared…or all of the above…to allow God the opportunity to dig down deep, heal our hearts, and reveal to us the reality of both His awesome power and promises, and things about who we really are and what He has equipped us to do.

I don’t know where you are at in that process, but there is going to come a point when you are confronted with what you know you “should” do and the steps you know you need to take to achieve that goal.  Through your healing process, you may discover you are in the wrong profession – literally!  You’re now wondering how you can get the training and experience you need to chart the next course in your professional life.  Maybe there are some things you have been secretly carrying in a relationship and now you are working through the process of how best to have that conversation.  It could be that you know you need to rethink how you are feeding your body, your spirit, or once again, maybe both!  All of these areas I have mentioned bring an excitement and sometimes frustration to our journey.  I hope you know what I am talking about?  I have definitely had moments, where it seemed that I finally understood the direction I needed to take, only to become paralyzed with all that needed to be done and thinking through which step should come first.

Might I offer some advice that has helped me in the past few years?  Now, I am by no means an expert when it comes to life, goal setting, etc. However, like you, I wake up each morning with things on my mind (long and short term goals) in which I would like to see some type of progress.  Here are some things that have really made a huge difference.

Do Something – If your job, relationship, weight, etc. are bugging you, then do something about it beyond complaining and talking to anyone who will listen to you.  Before you say “But I don’t know what to do” recognize that is your excuse to do nothing.  Do SOMETHING – even if it is starting with a list of your options.

Be Over “It” – For about 10 years, I knew that I needed to lose some weight.  Beyond curbing my close relationship with carbs, I knew that I needed to get serious about exercising.  But it wasn’t until I got fed up with my pathetic excuses that I did something about it.  If you aren’t to the point of just “being done” with the excuses you have grown accustomed to making/hearing, then I don’t believe you will do something about your present situation.  When you are “over it”, you will do whatever it takes to make things happen.

Call Out Your Distractions – The distractions…they are a comin’  You will help a majority of them to occur – others will “just happen”, and even friends and family with best of intentions will potentially distract you from the positive direction you are heading.  When someone tells you that it will “just this one time,” or that you can focus on your goal “tomorrow,” stand your ground and let them know you are well beyond day one and you are not heading backwards.

I have a few more thoughts to share on this, but I will hold off until next week.  Let me know how you’re progressing towards the goals God has revealed to you by commenting below!

Thanks for reading/listening, following, and sharing the blog with someone.  ALSO, thank you for following me on Instagram and Facebook (both are “Choosing Confetti”).

Have a GREAT one, Friends!


This IS one of my go-to Scriptures when I am in the “What Next?” mode! 

“In you, O Lord, do I take refuge; let me never be put to shame!” (Psalm 71:1)

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