Hidden Treasure

Hey Friends, hope you’re doing well.  I read an article this week, by Dr. Henry Cloud, in which he shared the following: “There is no shortage of things in life that can cause you to bury your heart and soul.”  Read that one again – “There is no shortage of things in life that can cause you to bury your heart and soul.”  It’s powerful, and perhaps painful when you stop and think about the meaning behind those words.  For me, it makes me think of countless opportunities when the real me was silent when I DID have something to say, I DID have an opinion on the topic, but I was afraid that others wouldn’t appreciate my thoughts, or…worse yet, they would challenge my way of thinking.  Dr. Cloud’s words made me think of the leadership opportunities I would be given, and the timid approach I would take—the safe strategies I would employ so that I didn’t have to experience failure.  And speaking of failure, that one sentence (the one above that I just can’t let go…) the words make me think of hopes and dreams I have buried over time due to painful moments, a lack of self-confidence, and/or the responses from my critics.

When it comes to the treasures you and I bury, below the surface of who we really are, the “X” that marks the spot is often more a sign of avoidance than a jubilant place to dig in and enjoy.  The “X” might be the words or actions of those who said we would never amount to their definition of success; it could be the emotional or even physical scars from the blows of someone who was supposed to care and instead chose to hurt. This spot might be where you think about the last time you were let down, or that you let others down.  It could be the dream that never transpired or the hopes that faded too soon.  Whatever it is, the “X” marks the spot where no one…including God…especially God…is allowed to dig in, heal, and unlock the heart and soul of who you really are.

And don’t get me wrong. It is painful to give God and others that access.  You can’t wear a mask in those raw moments.  It will be uncomfortable and awkward, but then a peace and hope and freedom you have never experienced will overwhelm you.  You will have moment after moment when you discover the excitement and joy of living the life God always intended you to have.  You will find that nothing of long-term value can be sustained hidden from the Light.  And why would you want to do that anymore?  The treasure that is you – every square inch of who you really are – is perfectly loved and known by our God.

May you and I find the courage to ask God to dig down deep, past the superficial, healing our hearts, redeeming all that we thought was lost and forgotten, and revealing the glorious riches of who He is and the truth that we are a precious treasure in the eyes of our heavenly Father.

Thank YOU for reading/listening, following, and sharing this blog with someone! 


**The article by Dr. Henry Cloud I referenced

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