My Father’s Love

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this! Someone recently shared with me that they felt Father’s Day was a big disappointment, because it seemed there was more emphasis on Mother’s Day.  I definitely don’t feel that way.  Every time I check on Felicity, before I go to bed, and smile thinking about how blessed of a father I am, it’s Father’s Day.  After we have had a disagreement, some time has passed, and Felicity throws her arms around me and couples her apologies with “I love you daddy,” it’s Father’s Day.  When we just sit and talk, or Felicity bests me once again at Just Danceor Wii bowling, it’s Father’s Day.  Felicity is a year-round, gift from God, and I am so very thankful for the privilege of being her father.

My dad is one of my heroes and I am so very thankful that distance has been cleared for the two of us to be close once again.  He is where I get my sense of humor from – yeah, the poorly timed jokes, the voices, spot-on one-liners, and sarcasm. Our laughs are even the same. He’s by no means perfect.  We have both hurt one another with our words and our actions.  I know I have let him down and he has let me down.  But….my dad loves me.  I know this not only because he says it, but more importantly because he shows it.  He also has shown me how to be wounded in spirit (now, in body, as he battles Parkinson’s) and still get up each day, give your best, and not let the things beyond your control steal your joy and what is possible. My dad believes in me, when others think I am crazy.  Actually, he will tell me that  I am crazy, and then look at me and say, “Jim, I am not worried about you.  You’ll pray and figure it out.”  His support and belief in me means so much.

I realize that some reading this might reflect on their own relationship (or lack-there-of) with their father, and come away with an opposite view.  Friend, I don’t know your story, but I know that many people have had fathers who abandoned them, who prioritized everything but their families, who subjected their families to their addictions, and who continue to not show or tell their (now) grown up children that they are loved.  As I shared above, my dad and I have had our own rocky moments, and it was painful.  Please know that regardless of your relationship with your own father, your Heavenly Father loves you no matter what (Jeremiah 31:3).  He will never let you down (1 Corinthians 1:9).  He will never abandon you (Hebrews 13:5).  Both my Dad and my Heavenly Father continue to show me how to be an even better father to Felicity.  I definitely make my fair share of mistakes!  But there is nothing more humbling, fulfilling, and faith stretching as being Felicity’s father—I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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