Let Me Tell You Something

Before I share some thoughts with you, I want to thank you for being a part of this incredible journey – both here on the blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram.  I appreciate your support!  Please don’t forget to let your friends know about the blog, by sharing and sending the link, www.choosingconfetti.com, to their inbox!

Have you ever traveled back in time to your very first post on social media?  I did this about a year ago, and saw that I was not too excited to invite the world into my day-to-day life.  In fact, one of my very first posts on my personal Facebook page said, “James is not sharing about every single thing he does, at every moment of the day.”  Well, some things have definitely changed in that area! I do share pictures, thoughts, and Scripture – sometimes more than once a day; definitely several times during the week.  The use of social media has been in the news recently due to individuals taking the privilege of sharing their opinions in a very public way, and then being somewhat surprised that not everyone agreed with their choice of words.  Some say it’s an issue of free speech while others say that free speech does not give one license to cross the line.  Of course, “that line” is ever changing, depending upon who is being spoken about, who the author of the original tweet or post is, and which commentators are seated around the table on whichever twenty-four hour news channel.  I shared this thought this week on my Facebook page, and for what it’s worth, I really do believe it is readily applicable to the conversation:

We probably should collectively stop acting surprised and enraged that people who do not demonstrate respect & self-control, when they are not on social media, demonstrate a lack of respect and self-control when they are on social media.

 Over the past few weeks, I have been wrapping-up instructional observations and meting with the teachers at my school to discuss the goals they set at the beginning of the year, and the areas I have noticed progress towards those goals.  I really enjoy these chats because it is focused on celebrating growth and recognizing the efforts that it took, on their part,to get to this place.  Just this week, I was buoyed by the comments of two colleagues, who noticed efforts I have been taking to exercise and make wiser choices with what I eat.  Their kind, unprompted encouragement was very meaningful because they were celebrating my progress and in-turn pushing me forward towards setting and celebrating the next round of goals.

You and I need to be more intentional about recognizing the growth of those around us.

Imagine how our interactions with family, friends, and colleagues might change, if we made it a priority to encourage?  Let someone know that you like the way they’ve done their hair, or that you think that particular color works for them.  Be the first to say “thank you,” and to let those behind the scenes know that you appreciate their humble efforts.  And with regards to what we share on social media, I am not sure where it is posted – meaning in the real world– but you and I do not have to share every thing we think.  And before we post a thought, or count out the ratio of our official statement to the number of allowed characters, we might consider that humans with similar needs of belonging, love, and acceptance, are on the receiving end of those words.  What we share – whether that be in person or on social media, is a reflection of what we notice, ultimately what catches our eye and moves us.

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45)

This week, let’s try something new and be moved to speak love and encouragement into the lives of those with whom we share life.

Have an AMAZING week, Friends!


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