Hey there!  Today, I wanted to share with you an incredible sermon from my church. Over the past four weeks, we have been digging in and discussing what causes us to get “stuck” in our relationship with God.  This week, Pastor D’Angelo focused on how fear and control can cause you and me to have….

  • strained relationships
  • anxiety and worry
  • a distorted view of God
  • the potential to miss a miracle

I can think of several years where I lived a life based in fear and a futile attempt to control any and all situations.  All of the above happened over and over and I became more angry with God and detached both from reality and my relationships with those who loved me.  I was constantly “down in the dumps” and wearing my melancholy as a badge of honor.  I went from not knowing how to get out of the cloud of my despair, to believing my situation was my destiny.  Looking back, I believe I was content with being down in the dumps, because that way I wouldn’t have to address the garbage in my life — some of which I had helped create and/or maintain.  

So, how do we get “unstuck”?

I believe we must first want to and then find the nearest exit.  Sometimes that means getting up off the sofa, making our bed, getting dressed, and choosing not to let the situation control one more moment of the day.  You may need to seek professional help – a counselor, maybe even a pastor.  I believe it also important to remain connected with the positive influencers in your life – family and friends who will encourage you to move forward and grow.  Now is not the time for you to stoically go it alone.  As a man of faith, I also believe it is crucial that we remain connected with our Source — through prayer, intentional time of reading and meditating on Scripture, and connectivity with our church family.

I have NO clue of where you may be “stuck”.  What I do know is that God is ready, willing, and more than able to get you from that place to where He would have you thrive!  It’s up to us to take that first step towards Him.  He has so much better for us than we could ever imagine! 

Be sure to take some time and listen to Pastor D’Angelo’s sermon–it definitely spoke to many areas in my life.  Have a GREAT one, Friend!


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