The Reverberation of Courage

If I were to ask you to tell me about someone who is courageous, my guess is you would be able to immediately picture in your head the scene…that moment when your hero takes out the bad guys and saves the day.  I get it.  If we are talking about “scenes” I think of the movie, “Glory”; as Colonel Shaw took the first all African American regiment (the 54thMassachusetts Infantry) to their heroic stand at Ft. Wagner, South Carolina, during the American Civil War.  The final scenes are lifted with a symphonic score, as the regiment faces the Confederate artillery, ascends to the top of the hill, proudly waving the American flag, as they advance, only to find that enemy reinforcements are just around the corner.  The music, the dialogue, the cinematography all made me want to go out and rescue someone. I wonder, though, have we romanticized what courage sounds like? 

Without question, the examples you and I provide are of courageous people.  But the reality is that we have not and will never hear many of the stories of those all around us – from our neighbors, members of our church, those in front and behind us at the checkout, the person behind us impatiently honking their car horn, and even the individual reading this blog, at the same time you are, perhaps half-way across the world!  Stop for a moment, though, and think on this.  I believe courage sounds like:

  • the parent sending up a silent prayer as their child gets on the school bus for the very first time.
  • spouses who say goodbye to their loved ones, who have chosen to protect our freedoms
  • the parent driving their car to work overtime, and the 2nd or even the third job to make ends meet
  • the dial tone or the knock on the door, when you reach out and do what is within your power to make peace
  • using your platform to speak out against injustice
  • writing your name down for the audition, the tryout, petition, or the application – ignoring the naysayers past and present
  • bitter tears over the loss of a loved one, and the realization that there is life yet to live and a purpose for each of us

And the list could go on….

That is one of my hopes for the upcoming podcast, “Choosing Confetti” – to share real stories from people who are daily facing the roars of life, and who get back into the arena day after day.  Those are the stories that need to be told! They inspire and encourage us to continue bravely moving forward.  And when you and I share our stories, we send an echo of hope, healing, and endless possibilities that not one feature film will ever be able to capture.


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