What are you Creating?

Wheww! Another weekend has come to an end and we are looking out on the horizon of another week; full of opportunities to grow and pour into the lives of those around us. This past week, on the Choosing Confetti Facebook page (if you aren’t already following the page, you should do that right now), I shared a quote from the Global Leadership podcast’s most recent episode, featuring Erwin McManus. If you have a few minutes…well, a half-hour, you should take a listen to the podcast! One of McManus’ central themes is that God has wired His creation to be creative. Now, before you say that you aren’t crafty, can’t hold a tune, or bake anything that isn’t premade, the truth is that if you stopped for a moment and thought about areas in your professional and personal life, where you do find success, there is an element of creativity woven throughout those unique pockets of your personality — of who God made you to be. And friend, He has equipped us with a plethora of creative talents and abilities so that we can enjoy those things and use them to bring Our Creator much deserved praise.

So what are you creating? By the way, I don’t just mean projects. For example, this weekend, Felicity and I went to our local library so that she could get the next two books in the series she enjoys. I am intentionally (there’s that word again!) creating an opportunity for my daughter to enjoy reading29526868_10156979280729460_676771139_o.jpg
– something I didn’t pursue until the past few years. For the past year, I have been focused on having dinner together, with no additional distractions (my phone in another room and the television off). This has created an environment where Felicity and I debrief on our day and have meaningful conversation. It’s been a GREAT change in our relationship! So, what are YOU creating?

Last week, on my Facebook page (you really need to follow and comment if you aren’t already), I encouraged you to be intentional with those around you – reaching out to others who need someone to listen and care about them. How did that go? I hope you chose to take me up on the challenge. If you did, you are creating a safe place for a friend, who knows that you care enough about them to stop and listen to what they have to say. To those who picked up the phone and called to let a friend know that you shouldn’t have said what you did, or shouldn’t have waited so long to let them know that they are more important than you feeling like you are right, you have created a stronger relationship.

I could go on, but I would rather you do that! In fact, I’d like to know what YOU are creating? Are you working on a new project? Maybe you are trying out a new recipe for the upcoming holidays—shout out to our friends celebrating Passover and Easter, as well as to those who are just thankful for the egg shaped chocolates. Let me know if you are continuing to pour into someone, to partner with him or her as they develop their skills. If you are writing a blog or a book, creating your masterpiece, or putting the final chords to your symphony, comment down below. Your intentionality will create a stronger community here on Choosing Confetti. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




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