5 Years Later – Still Blogging

Happy Birthday “Bend in the Road”! It’s been 5 years (3/6/13) since I began sharing this journey I never planned or wanted to travel. It’s been pretty incredible to hear from people literally all over the world, who have read the blog and commented and/or sent me messages.  Sometimes I wonder if what I am sharing is making any impact, only to hear from someone from across the world, saying that a particular entry was just what they needed to read in that moment.  Coincidence for some, but I believe that God continues to use this blog in ways I had never planned.

I have always enjoyed writing.  However, this is very different from the short stories and research papers I was used to producing in high school and college.  I can try to mask who I am or how I am really feeling with hyperbole, but more times than I can count, I have been faced with the reality that I find my greatest healing when I humbly and transparently share the real story.

There are some exciting things coming down the path, and I am looking forward to sharing more with you very soon! So stay tuned.

Thanks for following, sharing, and taking part in this bittersweet turned beyond amazing  bend in the road in my life! 

Read the very first blog entry, “It’s Good to See You Smiling” 


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