Quick Thoughts

Hey friends!  This is going to be short because I am in the middle of an exciting project, that I will be sharing with you really soon! In fact, I am staying up way past my bed time tonight (it may be early in the morning, when this is being written), to wrap things up, and then send this quick message to you.

This has been one of those catch your breath weeks here in our home.  Although “busy” has abounded, I have had moments when I slowed down long enough to hear what God was trying to whisper into my life and I thought I would share that with you…well, the one’s that aren’t part of the surprise 🙂

  • Screen time – Too much screen time has become an issue in our home, maybe yours too? While I have been thinking of how best to manage this, I had a thought this week of…psst…”Just be the parent and say when screen time is allowed and what is allowed on the screen during that time.”  And then….psst, “What if you weren’t on your screen as much?  What if you modeled balance?”  Conviction, but I needed to hear this! Felicity and I have begun a direct conversation about this and I am finding ways to model life away from the extra noise of technology. pssst, “It can be done…imperfectly…but it can be done!” Thanks God.
  • I’m not going to be mean – What could have been a long, hurtful disagreement with Felicity (over something that was not important) ended by my choosing to not engage…I actually said out loud, “Felicity, I love you and I am not going to argue with you.” Before you send kind words, I haven’t always responded that way. I am human and learn the hard way that I am not always right. Choosing to not be mean – with words and actions – prioritized my love for my daughter over my pursuit of having the final word, being in charge, or feeling like I was right, regardless of how wounded she was.  Thanks God.
  • Get Started – Several projects from last week spilled into the weekend because I just didn’t get them done.  Yeah, I am busy…who isn’t? We all have the same number of hours in the day and we each get to choose how we use them.  So, I turned off my devices, ignored my excuse department, and got to work.  My daughter saw me working and decided that was a good time to fold and put away her clothes, and pick up her room.  Hmm…contagious diligence? Thanks God.
  • Eyes Wide Open – Sunday could come and go and I would have missed all that God did for us, this week.  It’s easy to do when there are so many distractions.  However, today, in church, our pastor shared in his sermon, Job 42:5, “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.”  You wouldn’t think the book of Job would have an incredible verse like this! Wow! There were moments this week, when it was “good enough” for me to hear about God and all that He was doing in the lives of those around me.  But God wants more for me (and you)!  He wants us to see Him at work, in our lives, with our own eyes.

God is well aware of the busy in our lives.  He knows when it is man-made and when our full schedules are because that is the season in which we find ourselves. Regardless of whether your week was noisy or quieter than usual, regardless of the mistakes you made, or the projects that had to be postponed, know that by God’s grace, we get to start over this morning.  This week, let’s pause long enough for our eyes to catch Him at work on our behalf!

Have a GREAT one!


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