Just Say Yes!

I may be 6’3”, but I am afraid of heights! When flying on an airplane, I intentionally avoid the window seat just so that I do not have to be reminded of how far I am from the security of solid ground. The thought of skydiving makes my skin crawl. I mean, there is not a milestone in my life that will compel me to leave my seat on an airplane and trust that I will make it back to the ground in one piece. Guaranteed that if that did happen, my body flailing through the air, screaming, “Sweet Jesus,” while trying to grab a bird, would go viral.  I know that at the core of my apprehension is the feeling that I have lost control. No matter how many times I reposition my feet, on a flight, I know that the reality is that 36,000 feet separate the ground and me. For the duration of that ride, I am no longer in control.

And pushing aside the dramatics is that loss of control all that bad? As I look back over the past few years, I find that I have been thrust out of my “controlled” environment over and over again; whether that was a move from Florida to Pennsylvania, stepping down from a comfortable job, or finding that, after all of my plans fell through, God could indeed be trusted to take care of my family’s needs. I am finding that my life is ten times better…no, a million times better when I don’t try to orchestrate and manipulate to push my agenda. Something else I am discovering is that when I allow God to assume His rightful place, on the throne of my heart, His plans for my life don’t seem so crazy. Instead of trying to figure out how I am going to squeeze His will into mine, I am learning that it is best to just go with His plans.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself repositioning my feet, fearful of the spans between where I’d cruise and the heights of His best for my life. But you know, God’s asked me over and over again to take the leap…to trust Him…to say, “Yes”…even when I know it means I am turning over control of not only the jump but also the destination. I haven’t always responded in the affirmative, but when I do, my faith and love for my Heavenly Father increases, and there is a joy and contentment that floods my life. Those faith-filled moments are the mile-markers we need along the way to remind us of the power and possibility when you and I place our hands in His and say “Yes!”


2 thoughts on “Just Say Yes!

  1. Wonderful post, James. That is a hilarious image of you trying to clutch a bird in mid-air! The first time I flew, I was terrified beforehand … but came to enjoy it, even the occasional turbulence. I realise your post isn’t all about flying though. It’s about trusting God, and I find that whenever I seem to ‘go off the rails’, it’s because I haven’t put God foremost. Your words are a reminder to me to always put God first and to trust in him.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments! We have sufficient proof that He can be trusted, don’t we? I believe He understand how nervous we are, though. I am beyond thankful we don’t have to go it alone, ever! The jumps into the “unknown” are more and more exciting because I “know” He’s got a firm grip on me. Have an AMAZING day!

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