Choose Confetti!


“I am just faking it to make it!” Yeah, I heard that this week and the person who said it seemed to be disappointed I didn’t applaud their shallow goal. I guess some could argue that this person “faking it” was them doing the best they could in the moment. Maybe? While it is true that there are times when you and I are forced to delay our response to painful moments, due to the tyranny of the urgent, I do believe that more and more of us are comfortable in our discontent. I know that statement (for some) comes across as insensitive. But hear me out. I am well aware of some of the very painful moments of life. Just a couple of days ago, I was looking at pictures from the past and came across a picture of Felicity and me at the beach, maybe 3 weeks after Jaime had died. The week before, Felicity and I had traveled to Virginia for Christmas. In those early days and weeks, following Jaime’s death, I missed my wife terribly, but I don’t believe the grief really set in until a month after her passing. Maybe I was “faking it to make it”?

But there came a point—a time of choosing—when I had to decide, each day…each hour…each moment (at times), whether I would allow my loss to have the final word. By God’s grace, and the choice to actually live out what I declared to be true, was and continues to be my turning point…my “bend in the road.” After my salvation, my marriage, and the birth of my daughter, those bends were some of the foundational “confetti moments” in my life. I had very little to give back to God, but I took the risk of having Him dig deep into my wounds, begin to heal my heart, and reveal to me over and over again that His best was not in my being a victim and refusing to live out the remainder of the life He had prepare for me long before the crisis.

So, that’s what’s up with my fixation on confetti. I know what it is like to “fake it to make it,” and to honestly believe that there is no longer a purpose for living; those feelings were overwhelming, painful, and frightening at the close of 2012 and part of 2013.   Friend, I shout this to you through my writing – God has so much better for us! He can heal your heart, give you a hope you have never known before, and replace your fixation on discontent, with the reality of His presence and soul-satisfying joy. I like how Dr. Jeremiah says it, “This doesn’t mean we deny or disguise our feelings. It doesn’t me we can or should shrug off pain or disappointment, or try not to feel sorrow when we have good cause. It means we place our trust in God, and He opens the door to a joy beyond anything we can know on our own; the joy of knowing we are in His hands forever.” I throw confetti because it euphorically depicts His work in my life – both at the cross and in these past 5 years! You may say, “Well, that’s good for you, James!” You are correct! His hope is beyond good for me and readily available for you, too.

“The good news is the joy of a life beyond amazing isn’t the same thing as the general happiness that eludes you. Happiness is about what happens to you; and, to an extent, it’s dependent on your circumstances, your behaviors, and your attitudes. But the joy of Christ is much, much bigger. The joy of Christ is about a relationship with a person. It’s something you have access to, but it’s also something you much choose.” (Jeremiah).

Choose Christ—Choose joy – It’ll make you want to toss some confetti!


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