Plethora of Possibilities – Happy New Year 2018! Part 2

Welcome back to those who braved hurt feelings from yesterday for part 2 of prepping for a new year! By the way…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In the last entry, if it seemed as though I was pointing fingers, I promise that I can relate to each group I was calling out. And as I share this with you, I am trying very hard to balance empathy and the need to share some truth with you. Each person reading this has had difficult moments. Each person scrolling past my words have been let down, stabbed in the back by a friend…sadly, even a family member at one time or another. There is not one person who will select this entry who has not looked to the new year with excitement, only to have that internal voice (sometimes external voices) burst their hopes and dreams with one reason after the other why impossible is the better theme for the coming year.

Let’s get back to some final thoughts on how you and I can have an amazing 2018!

  1. Possible! I am approaching this next one through the lens of my faith in God. He has made it pretty clear that when He has put the plan together that regardless of how long it takes, our lives will be richly blessed and that, most importantly, our relationship with Him will be made stronger and our faith will be increased. If you are fellow believer and you are not living a life where all things in Him ARE possible, then you have made Him so small and He wants so much more for you and me.
  2. Reflection. My friends are probably so very tired of hearing that word come from my lips, but it truly has been a turning point in my life. Seriously, how can you and I get better – in our work, in our relationships, in anything – if we are not honest with ourselves? For my extreme friends, I am not talking about a daily dartboard where we focus on everything that others have brought up. However, there is something to be said about our choice to ignore or reflect upon the constructive feedback from those who love us. By the way, if you think that someone who loves you would never share anything besides sonnets, love songs, and all of the gifts you have given to them, you are in for a rude awakening. Contrary to the melodrama you have written for yourself and played over and over again, when you have been savagely attacked by those who just don’t understand you, you are the furthest thing from perfect and you have as much room to grow as the person writing this to you. Try something different this year. Ask someone who loves you to honestly share areas in your life that need some work. Ask them to love you through the journey and hold you accountable. And just remember, that the opposite of being honest with yourself is really cut and dry. Yes…you are lying to yourself, and others know…and so do you.Quotefancy-4815379-3840x2160.jpg

If it seems as though I making it sound so easy, that is not my intention. The struggle is very real, because while you are being honest with yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue God’s very best, you will continue to have challenges and, at times, a lack of support from those who would rather you just keep the boat from rocking. Well, the truth is the boat is going to rock regardless and God has called you and I out of the boat anyway!

I am praying for you as you prayerfully dream ahead, put aside your excuses, and reflect and retool for personal growth and service to others. I look forward to journeying this year with you. There are some exciting things to come that I look forward to sharing with you. Feel free to share your journey. Happy New Year!


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