Open Doors


Not too long ago, I found myself in a difficult experience. I prayed, and asked God for help, believing that He would provide an answer in due time. Well, about a month later, an opportunity appeared…an open door, if you will, that would have enabled my difficult experience to end and would have answered all of my current troubles (or so I thought). Throughout the process of discerning the opportunity, my prayer was that regardless of what happened, God would be clear in His decision. Well, just as soon as the door opened, I found myself a bit perplexed by the door closing. This was the answer – it came at just the right time, it would have answered my prayers, and most importantly, it would have relieved me from the experience I found myself day after day. What had happened? I had prayed that God would be clear with His response and yet His definitive “no” was quite perplexing.

A few evenings ago, I was listening to a pastor share about God’s deliverance, and it began to help me understand a little better about why God may have said “no” to what seemed to be the obvious answer. The pastor shared something I knew but needed to hear again (isn’t that just how the story usually goes?) – “Not every open door is the right door. Sometimes God delivers us through the door and sometimes He chooses to have us walk through the trial so that we can find Him faithful to see us through and provide His very best.” Walking me through the difficult experience has definitely been an experience in trusting the Lord to meet my every need. More importantly, God has shown me what it means to finish something well when you don’t want to, or don’t think you should have to. We finish well because it brings all of the glory right back to the One who deserves it all.  And in submitting to God, throughout the process, we find a unexplainable joy, peace, and strength to not just “get through,” but truly finish well.

Whether it is today or tomorrow, you will find yourself in a situation that is unpleasant. You may immediately begin to search and pray for your escape. You might even have an opportunity that would be ideal to get you out of that absolutely unbearable situation. Be careful! Not every open door is God’s best! God definitely delights in the deliverance of His children. Don’t mistake this, though, for your wanting to have it easy and live a pain-free life, missing what the Lord may very well want to teach you, as you stand with Him in the midst of your fiery furnace.

I know that I don’t know the situation you find yourself. Jesus does. He was hung on a cross and had the option to (rightfully) command legions of angels to descend, deliver Him, and decimate His murders. He did not come down. He humbly submitted to the will of His Father and died alone for you and me. Because Jesus died and rose from the grave, I know that my deliverance has much more to do about eternity than it does getting me out of a situation God is using for my ultimate good. Have a good one–in Him.

Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place—
    the Most High, who is my refuge—
no evil shall be allowed to befall you,
    no plague come near your tent. 

Psalm 91:9-10

1 thought on “Open Doors

  1. Amazing! Thank you, James!

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