We’ve been in our home for 4 years, and I can still remember how devastated I was walking into this house. As I have shared previously, most of that had to do with the reality that Felicity and I were starting a new life far from what we had known…without Jaime. It took some time for me to get used to walking in the front door — from even wanting to be here at all. Yet, over time, with lots of cleaning (I mean economy sizes of cleaner!), painting, yard work…and, yes, lots of prayer, or house became a home.

But as I pulled into the drive way today, my mind thought back to how God had promised to help me walk through so many new things and discover that there is life beyond tragedy. The scary photo below is a screenshot of the exterior of our home just a year before we moved in. It looked very similar the day my car pulled into the drive way in May of 2013—except the grass in the front yard was taller. There were painful similarities with the thought of improving the appearance of this place and the journey ahead for myself and Felicity. I was just 5 months in to being a single parent – a role I did not sign up for and one that I would never have wanted…especially the way that it happened. Yet, in the days, weeks, and years that have passed, God has turned what could have appeared to be a hopeless disaster into something I continue to marvel — by that I mean the house and, more importantly our life.

Each time I see this place, I am not only reminded of what it was, but what, with God’s help, it has become. And you know what, each time I find myself wondering if God is going to come through and provide, He brings to mind the numerous experiences I have had, where I have seen Him move, provide, and be present in some of the most joyous and painful circumstances. Our journey….your journey…is no different! Just as my house stands as a visible reminder of God’s ability to take a mess and make it a masterpiece, each experience you and I encounter is just one more reminder for today and tomorrow. God delights in our deliverance and in our remembrance of His presence and provision. Truth!

“….so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that you may fear the Lordyour God forever.” —Joshua 4:24


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