Faithfully Forward

The week of Mother’s Day, Felicity and I had some really tough conversations. Special times, like Mother’s Day, Jaime’s birthday, and the date she went to be with Jesus, often stir up thoughts and very painful moments that we have to pray through together. And that week was no exception. I am thankful for Felicity’s teacher, who lovingly guided her in making her Mother’s Day book, and writing Jaime such a special letter. There were lots of extra, needed hugs that week. The night before Mother’s Day, Felicity was getting ready to bed and I felt led to share something with her. As we got ready to pray, I looked at her and said:

Felicity, tomorrow God is asking you and I to do something very difficult. He knows how much it hurts your heart that your mommy is not here to spend the day with you. He knows how much you want her hugs and kisses. He knows how much you miss her. Let’s cry all we need to. And let’s have a great day together, remembering what a great mom she is. Felicity… let’s be happy for those whose moms are still here. God can help us both do that.

We missed Jaime on Mother’s Day. Truth is we miss her every day. You know what? Felicity and I also had an amazing day, remembering Jaime and spending time together. I share this with you, because sometimes we forget that God does in fact call us to walk through difficult moments in life—including our children. We try to shield ourselves, and every one we can, from every painful moment, and take on the responsibility of attempting to make everybody happy. Of course I want Felicity to be happy, but my ultimate heart’s desire is for her to look beyond receiving fulfillment from a person or a “thing”, and instead find her joy in the Lord. If that’s her starting point, then she will have sustaining happiness, no matter what she’s asked to face.

In the stillness of an evening last week, I was crushed that I couldn’t answer every question and heal every hurt from my little girl. But when was I ever asked to do either? Never! Scripture shares that my calling as this beautiful girl’s daddy is to share God’s Truth, from the moment we get up to the time we pull the covers up and get some sleep. As God grows, prunes, and stretches my faith in Him, Felicity will see what it means to have relationship with the Lord. God has definitely called upon her and I…and so many of you…to walk through difficult moments. Hands down this journey can be painful. With Him, though, the way forward is possible.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,

for he who promised is FAITHFUL.

Hebrews 10:23

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