Every 11 Years

As most of you know, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Sunday is also what would have been my 12th wedding anniversary. The two dates will fall on the same day every 11 years. It’s kind of amazing to think that 11 years ago (when the events were together), Jaime and I were celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary and there was absolutely no clue, for the two of us, that Felicity would be arriving in our family three years later. What’s even more amazing is that 11 years from now, when the two special events coincide once again, Felicity will be preparing to graduate from high school!

While I am not sure who will read this, I just wanted to share that this Mother’s Day weekend, my heart goes out to those men and women who desire with all of their being to become parents. For so many, this weekend is very difficult. A day set aside to celebrate a gift that you want but don’t have at the moment. For some, it is a matter of timing and others it’s a matter of accepting over time what might not happen at all. And sadly, for some it is grieving the loss of a child, either before they were born or after they entered the world. I don’t know your name, the name you had picked out for your little one, or the name of that child gone far too soon. I pray you find hope…lasting hope in the midst of an unfathomable journey.

Felicity and I are going to make some wonderful memories this weekend, continuing to remember the wonderful wife and mother Jaime was. Celebrating life in the midst of the journey of loss is definitely difficult, at times very painful, but very possible. I’m beyond thankful to God who makes all things possible! The joy of His presence and provision is truly our strength (Nehemiah 9:10).

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 14, 2006 – 1st Wedding Anniversary & Mother’s Day
December 2011 


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