“Wake up, shower, clothes, breakfast, job, kids, dinner…rinse and repeat. If we aren’t careful, our routines can rob us of our awe and wonder. But what if we started paying attention to the ordinary as well as the extraordinary gifts God creates every day? In our greatest triumphs and in our most challenging moments, we can recapture the awe of God. We can become ‘Wonderstruck’.” – North Way Christian Community Pastor, John Reiley:

I was so moved when I read this, that I not only reread it a couple of times, I sent it to my teachers and staff at the school. It is beyond easy to make an excuse for allowing your routine to capture your attention…to essentially enslave you. “I have to do this now, or….” “I can’t do that because____,” “I wouldn’t ever considering trying something new because what if….” I do not believe it is beyond comprehension that so many of us fail to see what can be…who we are and what we can achieve…beyond what others label possible…because we have forgotten that we were fashioned by the very same God who spoke a word and a universe was created-who breathed divine breath and a man formed from dust was brought to life. He has created a world full of wonder…people, so diverse…His very nature drawing our hearts towards an eternal pull of knowing, loving, and being with Him. Think of the time you spend mulling over the desires He has planted in your heart. Those things you feel called to do. Think of the excuses for why you don’t even begin the journey towards those goals, or why you lengthen the journey based upon your fears.

I am wonderstruck at God’s grace. I am a professional at screwing things up – saying, thinking, and doing the wrong thing. Yet, God demonstrates amazing compassion towards me every day…all through the day…and not only does not write me off, He reminds me that there is a hope & a future for my life – and an even better life to come! I am wonderstruck at the “desires and secret petitions of my heart” – that God has used even the most painful experiences of my young life to reinforce His calling on my life. I am at Jubilee for a season…the length of time known only to God. I am wonderstruck that God has already written the “next” season and, in due time, I will begin the next bend in this road. And you know what? I am both wonderstruck and grateful that my life…your life is not destined to be a captive or a victim of routine and the defeats of the past. I can make the choice right now to recognize that this journey is less about me and more about Him…the wonder of it all!


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