2013 – A Year of Truth

I didn’t adopt the word “truth” as my “word of the year,” but it certainly has become my focus.  I can’t get it out of my mind or my heart and I am so grateful it has taken root and stubbornly refuses to surrender any ground. 

Truth chases away loneliness and reminds me I have been passionately pursued long before I was born.

Truth has helped me understand just a little more about what “grace” really is.  I don’t “give” grace because I cannot claim ownership of its mysterious, healing beauty.  I live in light of it and just when I feel that someone has used it all up, I am reminded just how much I am in desperate need of “it.” 

Truth gave me the strength to listen and accept the difficult, final words from my late wife, as she endured a difficult, painful journey.  These conversations once pierced my heart but now I smile when I remember –  just to “hear” her voice again. 

Truth revealed that I couldn’t “kind of” forgive.  It is all or nothing!  Further, it was Truth that gave me the peace that if I truly desired restoration, then I had to first put down my weapon of bitterness and anger. 

Truth has always reminded me just when I need it that I am not the first young widower, the first single dad, or the first young, widower with a child who has moved to a new location.  So many have traveled this journey! 

Truth doesn’t allow me to have a pity party.  In fact, Truth has made me more aware that others are hurting and they need someone to talk & pray with.  The “story” of Life has numerous chapters and only one has my name on it!  

Truth strengthens both my body and soul.  There is no time to be paralyzed by what is not true.  When I stare at the ceiling and, for that moment in time, wonder if today will be the day I crack, Truth pushes me out of bed and sets my feet on the path to do what I have been called to do.

Truth cares about what I think or how I am feeling, but not for the long-term.  It pushes me to identify and cling to what is absolute, so that I don’t believe I am entitled to something other than the bend in the road I am traveling. 

Truth allows me to have those moments to remember and reflect…to miss, to cry, and to think on the “what would have been”…but only briefly!  With an arm around my shoulder, Truth pushes me through the moment and towards what is unchanging…what IS possible!

Truth has hurt sometimes…bitterly…but I can tell you without a doubt that Truth has healed.  Truth has opened my heart and my eyes to hope and to the overwhelming possibilities of the path before me.

I pursue it.  I long for it.  I hold on to it.  I know that Truth alone has brought me to this point 


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