Be Patient…I Am in Here

Around 8:30 this morning, while I was glad all of our busses had successfully dropped off students, I heard from my walkie-talkie, “Mr. Hilton I need you in the parking lot.”  I recognized the voice and quickly turned around and went out our school entrance.  I found a mom and dad trying to get their son to come out of the van and go up to his classroom.  He was throwing a huge fit.  There were shoes on the ground and this child was practically climbing in the hatch of the car.  This particular child has a few medical issues that manifest themselves via a slight tick – a hand trembling and sometimes a brief, yet uncontrollable need to spit.  When I met with this family over the summer they were open about his condition and I clearly saw he was capable of doing a great job.  When I spoke with him personally this summer, he told me he was well aware of his tick, but that he wanted to be at our school.  This morning, you wouldn’t have been able to tell that as he practically hit his mother on the shoulder, as she patiently tried to get him ready for his second day of class.  His father asked me my thoughts and I suggested they leave the car and let me just sit and chat with him.  Of course, as they walked away, he starts to call out for his mother.  When I saw he was a little calmed down, I told him, “You know, your teacher really is looking forward to seeing you today.  I am too.  But, you need to put on your shoes to go inside the building.”  He wouldn’t hear it and he buried his head into the seat.  I could see his little hand jerking.  I encouraged him to take some deep breaths (as I knew his ticks were caused from stress).  As I patiently waited for him to breathe and calm down, I had a momentary flashback to sitting with Jaime in the hospital, in October of 2012, following what had been a horrible round of seizures.  After I had painfully explained all that had happened, and how I thought I was going to lose her in the back of the ambulance, she looked at me and said, “Be patient James.  I am in here.  You just can’t tell right now.”  I heard that this morning and I purposed I would sit in that van as long as possible, just so that child knew that I was more concerned about him then I was ensuring that school was running smoothly.  After a while, he looked at me and put on his shoes.  He walked back inside with me and before he walked into his classroom, I told him to find me if he needed anything.  He smiled and walked in.  I was so encouraged to walk in his class throughout the day and see him busy and smiling.  I visited with him during lunch and he was with the guys, holding his trembling hand below the table.  We are so quick to offer our thoughts on why people treat us the way that they do.  The way we react to people’s bad attitudes often time makes it seem that we have very little tolerance for the truth that everyone one of us is experiencing life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  What a difference today made for me.  I am always appreciative of the reminders of the wise & beautiful woman who forever changed my heart and life.  I am even more inspired by the child who reminded me to be patient and allow the roses to bloom above what appears to my impatient eyes as thorns. Image

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