“I Know a Love”

I began listening to this song a couple weeks before Jaime was gone.    I can’t tell you the number of parking lots I sat and listened and cried to this song.  In fact, it is the song I listened to as I drove home the night Jaime died.  I couldn’t sing one word that night.  I just listened and wiped tears.  It says everything about how God has led me through loss and acceptance of Jaime’s death.  Every time I hear them sing, “So, let the darkness come, it won’t overwhelm my soul.  My hope is in my God and this I know…There is a God who never changes.  There is a God, faithful and true.  I know the power of His spirit works within me.  There is NOTHING that our God cannot do…”  I am so moved.  The darkness came.  Remnants linger at times.  But His love…His perfect love has inundated my life and prevented my soul from becoming overwhelmed.  Yes!  There is a God who NEVER changes!  There is a God FAITHFUL and TRUE!  I KNOW the power of His Spirit works within me.  There is NOTHING that OUR God cannot do!  I know this Love.


From Soli Deo Gloria, Prestonwood Praise Series

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