April 19, 2007

April 19 was a date we always circled on the calendar hanging in the kitchen.  We never actually named our unofficial holiday, but like clockwork on April 19, the two of us would stop for a few moments and remember the events of the day.   I was sitting nervously in my 3rd grade classroom, waiting to hear back about a job I had applied for in Orlando, at The First Academy.  I had asked a colleague to watch my students for a few moments so that I could take care of some “personal business” – a phone interview with Steve Whitaker (Headmaster at TFA).   That afternoon, I sat and watched my students rehearse for the Grandparent’s Day program.  I pulled out my cell-phone (flip-phone!) to see what time it was and…”Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!”  I jumped from my seat and realized that before I ran out of the room I needed to figure out…how to leave the room!  I asked another colleague to watch my class while I stepped out for a moment.  I stepped outside the school and listened to the voicemail from TFA asking if I would call them back so they could ask my one “quick question.”  I couldn’t believe I missed the call!  “I wonder what they needed to know?  Why didn’t they just ask over the voice mail?  James!  Stop!  Call them back!”  So, I called them back and I was officially offered a teaching a position.  I was bursting at the seams with pride and smiled proudly (at my cell phone?) as I said, “Absolutely!  I accept the offer!’ 

The next call I made was to Jaime.  As soon as she answered, I said, “Jaime, we’re moving to Florida.”  Jaime was so happy.  In typical Jaime form, she began to share all that we would need to do before our move.  I had to stop her to remind her that I was still employed and needed to get back to my class.  After school, we went out for a celebratory dinner and had a late night chat, eating a Dairy Queen blizzard, sitting on the hood of our car.  We both were left with the same thought, “I can’t believe this is really happening!  This is amazing!”

The other day, someone asked me, “Does Florida mean something different to you than it did when you first arrived?”  Don’t you just love questions like that?  I do!  “Absolutely not!”  We arrived in Florida, in May of 2007, with excitement and great anticipation.  As we got settled in to our routine, we enjoyed late night dinners at Disney, having coffee and sitting in the rocking chairs by the lake at Downtown Celebration, spending weekends at Siesta Key, and swimming in January!  Obviously, this Florida journey ended differently than we had planned or wanted.  However, there is a new excitement and anticipation as the next part of our life is revealed.  Today, I feel the same way I did on April 19, 2007.  This bend in the road is leading Felicity and I to Pennsylvania…”I can’t believe this is really happening!  This is amazing!” 

2 thoughts on “April 19, 2007

  1. Not sure if I’m allowed to say this, because I know you mostly through your and Jaime’s blogs, but here goes: I’m very proud of you.

  2. If you and Felicity are driving to PA and need to take a break you can stop at my house in Harrisburg. Your mother-in-law has my phone number if you would like to make some plans.
    I would love to meet both of you.

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