Know This

This week, I have had several friends ask for me to pray for/with them about serious issues in their life.  One friend, in particular, stated that at times it felt like God was silent on the matter.  Those moments do come, don’t they?  When we feel as though we have said our prayers enough, cried late into the night, and pleaded with God to send divine intervention, or at least a letter in the mail with step-by-step instructions on how the matter is to be solved.  I am one of those crazy people who believe that God can do that if He chooses!  I just have learned that He often does not choose to answer our prayers in the way and time we would like.  Allow me, just for a moment, to spin the discussion on prayer?

A few days before I was to leave for my interview in Colorado, I was still battling a bad cold.  I thought I had taken enough medication to get through the night without coughing.  However, around two in the morning, I woke up coughing and I decided I would go sleep in the recliner.  I turned on the radio for some soft background music and tried to drift off to sleep.  I must have fallen asleep for a few moments, but then I woke up again coughing.  Finally I stopped.  Then I heard the most amazing thing!  The announcer was praying on the radio.  I heard him specifically praying for those seeking jobs – jobs out of state!  While that prayer was not exclusively for me, it was nonetheless for me!  God had me coughing up a vital organ early that morning just so that I could hear His reminder that He was thinking of me!

Even just this week, I received an email from a colleague from a school I was at for a short time in 2011.  “God keeps bringing you to mind.  I am praying for you as you seek out the new steps in your life…”  She has no idea what is going on in my life, other than that Jaime passed away from cancer.  But God keeps bringing my name to her mind so that she can pray for me!  I have had other emails and phone calls like that since November.  “James, you keep coming to mind.  I want you to know I am praying for you.”  “James, you don’t have to call back.  I just felt God telling me that you needed prayer right now.”  Often times, I would get those emails and phone calls right before another job opportunity opened up, or when something sought to cause me to stumble and worry about the future.

Friend, God may be silent right now in your life.  Just know that there is a lot of noise behind the scenes!  There are people praying for you that you may or may not be aware of.  He is moving hearts, thoughts and people right into place for His perfect will to be shown to you at just the right moment.  I join you in waiting for God’s best.  I am still waiting on Him to reveal that to me.  Know fellow traveler that many are lifting you up and standing with you as you wait to receive an answer.  It may come via a heavenly sign.  Your answer may come through a whisper in the night.  Know without a doubt that the response is on its way.  Know with all your heart that in the moments of silence, that He is loving you, listening to your heart, and bringing your request to the Father.  Come boldly by faith ready to watch His response on your behalf!

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