Pony Tails and Piggy Paint

One of the most amusing questions I have been asked was when a dad came over to me, at the playground, and asked, “Now, did you have to learn how to do pony tails?”  I am sure there are many who are surprised Felicity is not leaving the house each day wearing the same clothes, with a comb over!  Well, what these well-meaning people don’t know is that I adore having a daughter.  When Jaime and I found out we were having a little girl, I could not stop smiling.  Now for those of you out there who have boys, please stop reading.  You see, I had three brothers and remembering life with them was enough to do a rain dance!  Truth be told, I have always helped with Felicity’s hair.  Except for a short period of time, when Jaime stayed home with Felicity, I have been the one getting Felicity ready for “school” (dressing, hair, feeding).  Even when Jaime was sick, I continued to do these things.  I actually ended up having to get everyone ready, since the two strokes and cancer treatment stole Jaime’s mobility.

Today, I found myself at Walmart in the cosmetics area.  Don’t be concerned, I was buying Piggy Paint for Felicity.  Again, no worries.  My little girl asked me to paint her nails blue and being the daddy I am who adores his little girl, I made sure to get her blue nail polish.  Of course, she ended up wanting her nails purple!  I still adore her!  It used to be that having a girl was important simply because of what I thought would be better.  Now, I can’t imagine life without Felicity – especially our new life – just the two of us.  As I was painting Fee’s toes and finger nails before her bedtime, I looked at her beautiful face and thought about how her presence has forever changed my life.  Sure, I am exhausted after playing Barbies, play-dough, puzzles, drawing shapes, and having to answer the constant, “Daddy, what are you doing?” but I couldn’t imagine traveling this new path without my little girl – her pony tail and piggy paint included!Image

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